Peelham Farm Prosciutto

From the top to the bottom, Cranachan and Crowdie have a tasty little treat from the best producers in Scotland. That includes Peelham Farm, just perched above the border in Berwickshire. Their air dried prosciutto is about as organic as it gets. Just take a look at the ingredients list and see for yourself: just pork and seasoning. It doesn’t come any more genuine than that.

You might be wondering why this ham doesn’t have ridiculous amounts of E numbers and hasn’t been through a suspicious amount of processing. Well, the best part about prosciutto is that it’s simply delicious, just the way it is. So why not try serving it as a simple Hors d’oeuvres, and let the natural flavour speak for itself.

Lisa’s Top Tip: If you feel like adding a little kick to our proscuitto, dunk it in a little Trotter’s Scottish Honey Mustard for a tangy edge.

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