5 Tea Light Whisky Barrel Holder


Each piece has a different amount of charring on the top. Please select the amount of charring you would prefer.

Product Description

Individually hand crafted from vintage oak whisky barrels, 5 tea lights rest in a holder that is perfect for a dining room table, mantle piece or practically anywhere safe in your home or officer. The character of the original stave has been maintained in each holder, so no two are exactly alike. Variations in colour, markings and charring along the top should be expected due to the unique nature of these beautiful and functional pieces. Each piece comes with a set of tea lights so you can use it right away.

Beth’s recommendation: use tea lights with a natural scent and add a unique olfactory experience to the visual one.

Additional information

Weight .53 kg
Dimensions 45 × 6 × 2 cm


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