Real Foodies Make Our Day

We consider ourselves foodies so when we meet other foodies there’s pretty much nothing we won’t talk about, especially when it comes to Scottish food and drink.

The FoodieCouple popped in to see us during their Valentines break in Edinburgh and between us our excitement was overflowing. You know when you’ve met kindred spirits!

The FoodieCouple Blog highlights some of our personal favourite foodie places in Edinburgh as well as one of our Great Taste Top 50 Award winners Great Glen Game.

Maybe on their next visit to Edinburgh they’ll invite us to dine along with them!

C&C Hosts Enterprising Women

We had the great honour to host the Scottish Government launch of new support for women in business. The event launched the framework and action plan for women’s enterprise created by Women’s Enterprise Scotland. Download the plan. Guests were served Glen Lyon Coffee, Cindy’s Teas and Manna House Bakery & Patisserie.

Artisan Cheese

All the organic Scottish cheese you could ever want is right on your doorstep at Cranachan and Crowdie. Everything from your favourite humble cheddar to something you’ve never tried before is waiting to be discovered. All cheeses are locally sourced from respected farmers committed to bringing you the best in Scottish cheese.

The Connage Highland Dairy, based in Ardersier near Inverness, is a fully organic family run business that uses traditional techniques and ensure every detail from cow to cheese is maintained to ensure the highest quality is maintained throughout the process. If you ever find yourself up in the Highlands, make sure you pop by the Connage Pantry and see their multi-award winning cheese being made before your eyes. Cranachan and Crowdie stock many of the Connage Highland Dairy cheeses, including Clava Brie, Cromal and Dunlop.

The Isle of Arran Cheese company is similarly family-run by the Kinniburgh family, who took over the company from Ian and Alison McChelry, and have lead the company from strength to strength. In this range you’ll find traditional cheddars with a twist, with added hints of chilli, garlic and mustard. And if you want a taste of more award-winning cheeses, look no further than Katy Rodgers’ crowdie from Knockraich Farm, winner of 3 stars at the Great Taste Awards 2012.

If you feel like being yet more adventurous, why not try some black crowdie from Highland Fine Cheeses. This unusual combination of crowdie with oatmeal and peppercorns makes a cheese like you’ve never tasted before. Those with a taste for the unusual will love this crowdie with kick!

For the ultimate flavour experience, why not give an I.J. Mellis cheese a try? The focus here is on exceptional taste, using artisan techniques and unpasteurised milk to ensure no flavour-defining characteristics are lost. Cranachan and Crowdie’s I.J. Mellis cheeses are all traditional cloth bound and include Isle of Mull cheddar, Grimbister and Cambus-o-May.

With a mix of traditional and unusual, there’s a cheese at Cranachan and Crowdie to suit any taste buds. Don’t deny yourself these exceptional artisan cheeses!

The Wicked Chocolate Company

Calling all chocolate lovers to Cranachan and Crowdie! The fantastic range of treats from the Wicked Chocolate Company have just arrived and are the perfect winter treat. But make sure you stock up; they’re addictive!

The Wicked Chocolate Company was founded by Elaine Forrest in Perth, and never compromises on quality or service. Simplicity is the key for her, with a focus on the finest raw ingredients that make simply the best chocolate, without the fuss.

Come down to Cranachan and Crowdie to see for yourself what all the fuss is about, and take your pick from the huge selection of goodies from chocolate buttons, Neapolitans and drinking chocolate to luxurious Irish cremes, mint crisps and lavish raspberry champagne truffles. With the distinctive black and red boxes and pretty chocolate-filled pouches they make ideal gifts for Easter.

If these little treats aren’t quite enough for your sweet tooth this Easter then look our for Cranachan and Crowdie’s limited handmade Easter eggs, filled with decadent truffles for extra indulgence. Hurry though, and make sure you grab one before they’re all gone!

Don’t forget to visit the Wicked Chocolate Company’s website for more ways to enjoy wicked chocolate.

Seeking new Scottish products

HRH driving past Cranachan & Crowdie waves to the crowds.

Our first 7 months are under our belts (phew!) and we’re taking off the month of January to travel and find new Scottish food, drink and non-food, food related products for our enthusiastic and growing customer base.

We have learned so much during our start-up months and we feel excited about the year ahead. Meeting people from all over the world and from practically every corner of Scotland has reinforced for us our reasons for opening Cranachan & Crowdie in the first place – Scotland has an abundance of fine food and drink producers who deserve to be celebrated on the world stage.

We’ve been asked what it’s like being Purveyors of Fine Scottish Food & Drink and our answer is simple – it’s a real pleasure meeting new producers, hearing their stories and tasting their products.

We are also very thankful to everyone who has helped us reach this point – customers, suppliers, producers, family, friends and the Queen who has been with us from Day 1!

Looking forward to our 1st anniversary on June 1, 2013…watch this space for details of a Scottish foodie celebration!

Savoury Not Sweet

Didn’t make it to Cranachan and Crowdie’s special Savoury Not Sweet event? Then read on to find out exactly what you missed.

On arrival guests were offered a complementary beer from local brewers Innis and Gunn. As an extra treat, guests were given the chance to try their latest variety Independence Day, a fruity apple and citrus beer with a hint of vanilla.

The evening’s savoury delights kicked off with a chutney tasting challenge. Guests were invited to try six of Cranachan & Crowdie’s unusual and exciting Trotter’s chutneys and challenged to identify the flavour, with complimentary oatcakes and crisps for dunking. This proved to be harder than it seemed, especially when guests encountered a minty-fresh mojito flavoured chutney! However, this didn’t phase the challenge winner Tiffany, who went home with the prize gift pack provided by Innis and Gunn.

The evening’s second savoury treat came in the form of the venison samples from Great Taste Award winning Great Glen Game. After an introduction from company co-founder Anja Baak, guests were invited to try some of the varieties of high-quality venison produced by the acclaimed company. Accompanied by bread provided by the Manna House Bakery and Patisserie and Cranachan and Crowdie’s selection of I.J. Mellis cheeses, the venison went down a treat.

So that’s what you missed at Savoury Not Sweet! Don’t be too upset, though. You can still grab all the products featured at Cranachan and Crowdie on a regular basis!

Savoury Not Sweet

More of a savoury tooth than a sweet one? Luckily for you, Edinburgh Foody are bringing the Savoury Not Sweet group to Cranachan and Crowdie! They’re beginning their mission on 25th September to bring the best savoury tastes in Edinburgh to those who prefer a great cheese or meat to sugary snacks. As your host, Cranachan and Crowdie will be providing the food, so this is your chance to grab a cheeky wee sample of some of their best high quality products including venison from Great Glen Game, cheese from I.J. Mellis Cheesemongers, mini bread loaves from The Manna House Bakery & Patisserie, chutney from Trotter’s Independent Condiments and a range of oatcakes. They’ll also have a surprise selection of beer donated by Innis and Gunn on hand to wash everything down.

Anja Baak from Great Glen Game will also be joining in the event, and will chat about her fantastic products. What more savoury treats could you ask for?

Lisa’s Top Tip: Tickets are limited, so follow this link to secure yours, and sign up to the Savoury Not Sweet mailing list while you’re at it!

Hope to see you there!

Peelham Farm Prosciutto

From the top to the bottom, Cranachan and Crowdie have a tasty little treat from the best producers in Scotland. That includes Peelham Farm, just perched above the border in Berwickshire. Their air dried prosciutto is about as organic as it gets. Just take a look at the ingredients list and see for yourself: just pork and seasoning. It doesn’t come any more genuine than that.

You might be wondering why this ham doesn’t have ridiculous amounts of E numbers and hasn’t been through a suspicious amount of processing. Well, the best part about prosciutto is that it’s simply delicious, just the way it is. So why not try serving it as a simple Hors d’oeuvres, and let the natural flavour speak for itself.

Lisa’s Top Tip: If you feel like adding a little kick to our proscuitto, dunk it in a little Trotter’s Scottish Honey Mustard for a tangy edge.

Sheepshaggers Gold Beer

What do you get when you cross a Kelpie, a Thistly Cross and a few Sheepshaggers? Probably a few minor injuries frankly…or simply a great night with mates, a bag of haggis crisps and a few of Cranachan and Crowdie’s more intriguingly-named beers.

And it’s not just shady activity with farmyard animals that are on the drinks menu here! No, sir. Explore the range some more, and you might find yourself having a frank discussion about Birds and Bees, or even pondering the legend of Nessie over a refreshing yet distinctly Scottish beer. (While you’re there, don’t forget to follow the story of the Ceilidh around the bottles, which features the names of every beer in the collection, written by Cranachan and Crowdie’s very own Fiona).

So next time you fancy a great night in or a few drinks before heading out to explore the Fringe, don’t forget to get the Cranchan and Crowdie beers in. The names alone will make your night!

 Lisa’s Top Tip: Relax and fuel up for a night with your favourite Cranchan and Crowdie beer and one of Simple Simon’s curried chicken fillet pies.

Uig Lodge salmon

The highly acclaimed Uig Lodge salmon is hand produced, treated with a one of a kind curing process and is used in Michelin starred restaurants – but the best part is that you can pick up a pack in Cranachan and Crowdie today!

In fact, Cranachan and Crowdie have become the first retailer in Edinburgh to stock the distinguished salmon, so you Edinburgh natives best count yourselves lucky! Based on the west coast of the Isle of Lewis, Uig Lodge supply their goods to a select few retailers, making Cranachan and Crowdie the latest gem on the foodie’s map.

Uig Lodge salmon boast a list of awards, notably their 3 stars courtesy of the “Oscars of the food world,” the , received in 2007, 2009 and 2010.

Lisa’s Top Tip: Accompany your 130g pack of Uig Lodge salmon with a delicious dollop of Katy Rodger Knockraich Crowdie.

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