The Wicked Chocolate Company

Calling all chocolate lovers to Cranachan and Crowdie! The fantastic range of treats from the Wicked Chocolate Company have just arrived and are the perfect winter treat. But make sure you stock up; they’re addictive!

The Wicked Chocolate Company was founded by Elaine Forrest in Perth, and never compromises on quality or service. Simplicity is the key for her, with a focus on the finest raw ingredients that make simply the best chocolate, without the fuss.

Come down to Cranachan and Crowdie to see for yourself what all the fuss is about, and take your pick from the huge selection of goodies from chocolate buttons, Neapolitans and drinking chocolate to luxurious Irish cremes, mint crisps and lavish raspberry champagne truffles. With the distinctive black and red boxes and pretty chocolate-filled pouches they make ideal gifts for Easter.

If these little treats aren’t quite enough for your sweet tooth this Easter then look our for Cranachan and Crowdie’s limited handmade Easter eggs, filled with decadent truffles for extra indulgence. Hurry though, and make sure you grab one before they’re all gone!

Don’t forget to visit the Wicked Chocolate Company’s website for more ways to enjoy wicked chocolate.

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